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Storygram Kids is an off-shoot of Storygram Tours that is dedicated to promoting children’s books through bookstagram tours. These tours will focus on picture books up to middle-grade. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept any self published books at this time.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites and reaches a vast audience. We will utilize bookstagrammers, mommy instagrammers, librarians and teachers for these tours. Blog Tours have been a popular marketing tool for years but we failed to find many (if any) Instagram tour companies so thought we should fill this void.

Each tour stop will include a beautiful original photo that clearly features your book! From start to finish we will organize everything and make sure that things run as smoothly as possible.  The only thing authors/publishers are responsible for is getting us the material needed for the photos and any information they want included in the captions.

General Tour: This tour would run 5 days (with 5 hosts) and would include an original picture on Instagram per day that will clearly feature your book.  The summary and release date of the book will be posted in each host’s caption. There will also be a amazon/author or publisher link to the book in the tour hosts bio for the day. Once the tour has completed, we will provide you with statistics on the effectiveness of the tour. It will be the responsibility of the publisher/author to provide the books that you want featured in the pictures, but otherwise we do all the work.

Ideally we would like to have two to three months advance notice of a tour. This will allow us time to select the bookstagrammers and  provide them with the proper material they will need for their pictures. It will also give the author time to write any posts that need to be included. If that amount of lead time is not possible, we may still be willing to put together a tour. We will decide on a case-by-case basis depending on our schedule and what the tour will entail.

If you would like to request a tour please fill out this form 

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